About Art of Tea

Several years ago, a desire appeared, to get a selection of teas that includes a wide range of flavours. We were surprised that there was no tea of appropriate quality on the Latvian market. Feeling this lack of good quality tea, we felt the necessity to change that. At that moment, the idea arose to develop our own tea brand with a rich and delicious range of teas.

Our family’s love for tea has nurtured an exclusive and exquisite tea brand ART OF TEA that we would like to share. Our goal is not only to provide our friends and neighbours with the best tea but also to share a recognizable and highly valued tea brand elsewhere. Treat someone with a perfectly made cup of tea too!

We want to introduce you to our family’s and the whole world’s tea-drinking traditions, which create enjoyable moments with loved ones or alone. Sharing it with all of you – relatives, friends, neighbours, all Latvians and not only, providing you with excellent quality tea, is the goal of our company. Give and you will receive, that is our motto.  Our plan is to expand ART OF TEA enjoyment in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and beyond. You have a chance to take a part of the ART OF TEA journey as well!

ART OF TEA takes care of itself and its customers equally well, because we offer only the teas we have tried and love ourselves. We ensure our quality, appearance and price and the best possible level. Both we and our tastes are evolving every day. We are lucky enough to share the best teas we have tested throughout the time. This is what makes our brand ART OF TEA – experience, care and constant quality.

Our goal was to create a unique product line that tastes familiar and cosy, at the same time rich. We believe that the process of creating and enjoying tea is an art. Our close connection with art inspired the creation of a brand made up of all colours. ART OF TEA consists of various tea lines, divided by colours, each symbolizing not only the properties of tea but also our love for art. Our tea range is focused on inspiration and new achievements. We hope to inspire you too.

Each of us has experienced a lot, and tea always helps to maintain vitality and joy of life. The teas we offer can help to recall, soothe or simply cheer up. You will feel the rich taste pleasure that comes from natural high-quality ingredients. Nature provides us with everything we need and ART OF TEA tea composition collects the best natural gifts of the world, creating a tea that gives pleasure to any taste. ART OF TEA Tea is a drink with a story that begins in distant and near lands, where tea is harvested. This story continues with you, creating a celebration every time you feel the taste of tea.


ART OF TEA is a supplier of fine and rare teas in Latvia.
Basing our knowledge on the traditions and wisdom of the tea’s countries of origin, it is our passion to promote appreciation for the beauty and enjoyment of them.

Our Concern

We highly value the traditions of tea. Tea is a drink that is enjoyed all over the world, it unites us and also shows how different we are. We want to share our teas and inspire everyone.

Our Assortment


Each tea leaf, flower or fruit is harvested at the right time and carefully prepared to provide the highest level of tea enjoyment. The ART OF TEA collection contains more than 60 selected tea varieties, which have been carefully chosen among the world’s most highly valued teas.


Exquisite German porcelain with reproductions of works by favorite artists will delight every lover of the art world.


Tea is a wonderful gift for everyone or just for pampering yourself. It pleasantly surprises and delights everyone.
Great content and beautiful packaging.


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